Leader or King

This story begins in chapter 12 of Samuel, Samuel is presenting Israel with a king that they requested, and God granted, Samuel was leading them without a title that a leader may receive such as king. The people were very adamant, they wanted a king, although Samuel did not mistreat or wronged anyone and did not accept bribes. In which the people agreed but yet they wanted a king even though God was a witness and performed many righteous acts for them and their ancestors, such as when He sent Moses and Aaron to bring the people out of Egypt. The people still wanted a king. One could say some people are like their biblical ancestors, all that God has done for them such as giving them King Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In addition to feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for them, the people are wanting and choosing leaders who do not measure up to Jesus, the perfect king and leader. A leader who serves the people. Jesus made it clear about service in John 13:4-5, picture this, He laid aside His outer garments, took a towel, and tied it around his waist,then He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and finally, wiping them with the towel that He had wrapped around him. This is what the followers of Jesus ought to do in addition to becoming leaders like Jesus.

Moral of Story: Why ask for a king when you already have the perfect Leader and King

Just For A Smile

God has written a book about you and me He signed it saying, ‘I am the Author and Perfecter

of your faith (Hebrews 12:2).” Here are a few things He wrote about you and me.

We are beautifully and wonderfully made

His children, His sons and daughters, His Friends

The apples of His eye

His luscious and sweet melons

The branches on His vine

His precious sheep in the green pasture

Oh! here is another excerpt in His book

 We have given Him much laughter

When we act like pistachio nuts!

Reading: Psalm 126:2

We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, 

“What amazing things the Lord has done for them.”

Be Comforted

Here I am to comfort you with these words.

Come snuggle with me, lay your head on my lap.

Grab that white furry blanket that’s the one I like best.

Come here, curl up, and get comfortable, that’s it.

Tell me what is laying heavy on your chest.   

 Give your burdens to Jesus, He will give you rest.

Come snuggle close to me, lay your head on my lap.

Let me comfort you with these words.

No-one or nothing can snatch you out of God’s hands.

His love is everlasting, better than a pot of gold.

Your life is His, He will always cherish and care for you.

So, close your eyes and lay here on my lap while I comfort you.   

Reading: Matthew 11:28

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

A thought

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.

 I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go.

for to you I entrust my life  (Psalm 143:8).

Everyday I pray in order for you to guide my way.

I will pray for your faithful children that they do not stray.

Deeply in love with you they can walk on heaven’s clouds.

All power is in your hand as we walk together side by side.

All broken hearts healed, no hatred, no suffering, and no pain.

Only your covenant love, your precious dove, and the latter rain.

My Testimony

God has always been with me, I felt His aura over me when I was baptized at 12 years old, at that time I did not understand that it was His presence. God granted me my vocation of nursing, where I was able to minister to patients, families, and staff. I am most grateful that Jesus heard my cries and brought me out of the miry waters of sin and alcohol. I have been through many trials and God has brought me through and protected me from all harm, He has provided me with mental, physical, and spiritual healing. I can truthfully say I have not lacked for anything. I am thankful for my intimate relationship with Jesus for because of Him I have a personal relationship with God and His indwelling Spirit. I am thankful for the  spiritual gifts of  giving, love for all people, and the ability to write poetry and other biblical inspirations. He has also given me the gift of spiritual leadership and the ministry of reconciliation with the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God and preparing God’s people for the return of Jesus through the truth of His Word. I now understand the fullness of His presence. All I can say is thank you Father and continue to help me fulfill your will and good purpose (Philippians 2:13, NIV).


Words of truth and instruction- the beginning of knowledge.

Increases with learning knowledge of God.

Submitting to His will.

Discerning good and evil.

Opens the gates of heaven and preserves the way for the saints.

Magnifies and glorifies our Lord.

Wisdom— For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding (Proverbs 2:6).

Lost in a Dream

On 10/15/2021, I dreamed I lost my direction in my hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’ve had that dream in the past. I am not going to describe the whole dream. In the dream, I met various groups of people who either hindered me or helped me along the way. When passing by a row of houses, a woman opened her screen door and asked me “are you coming in” I said yes and went in, there were two young children and the woman’s mother in the brightly lighted house. The young woman commenced to show me around the house, directing me to look out a screened window where there were three dogs, two black and one white with a brown spot. After looking at the dogs, I went and sat on a couch across from her mother. One of the children began to talk about a dove and I told her that I had a dove on a staff (like Moses) at home. Then I looked up at the ceiling and a flock of birds were flying which I thought were doves. I started yelling, happily, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and turned to the mother who was looking at me as if I were crazy. I said something to her and left the house. However that was not the end of the dream. I was in a car with a man, I did not see his face, I thought he was my deceased husband, I was not paying attention and he crashed into a mountain. We got out of the car unharmed and went into the house. I saw someone leaving the house and looked out the window. The dream ended with a woman and someone else telling me “We will see you again.” After I woke- up, I read Isaiah 35:8.

Isaiah 35:8  “And a highway will be there; it will be called, the Way of Holiness;
 it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it;
 wicked fools will not go about on it.”

Commentary: “This way, being made by divine power, is appointed by divine authority to be the King’s highway for all. Whoever travels by this road is under the protection of the King of kings. Be sure it leads to the right end and runs in the best direction, for the Lord never made an error and never failed in what he attempted. This is no roundabout way, or broken route, or blind alley. Let your faith abide in it, and it will receive its reward. To quit this road for another is to despise the wisdom and grace of God in Christ Jesus, and to prefer the idle inventions of man; this cannot lead to any good, either in this life or the next (CSB).”

Lets Walk

Let’s walk in love, wisdom, and in the light.

Smelling the sweet aroma of Jesus.

Let’s walk without snide remarks, cursing, or foolish talk.

Let’s walk sharing God’s wisdom and speaking wise words that edify,

Let’s walk stepping away from what is evil. Take my hand.

 Let’s walk together in unity filled with the Spirit singing in harmony.

Let’s walk together in the light as blessed children of God.

In sharing His love and wisdom in His Kingdom. 


Ephesians 5:1-19

Sweet Manna

Exodus 16:32-33

Manna the bread that was sweet as honey, the bread God instructed Moses and Aaron to keep as a reminder in a jar, after feeding the grumbling Israelites, for future generations to come. Scripture says the manna was flaky white like coriander seeds and sweet as honey wafers (Exodus 16:14). Bread is a promised food (see Genesis 3:19). Did you know that there are around a 100 varieties of bread worldwide, some even made with enriching dough, for one’s pleasure and nourishment. However, no bread can compare to Jesus, who is the sweet Manna that gives everlasting life. Jesus offers an enriching life of salvation, healing, nourishment, and abundantly more (John 10:10). He is the bread from heaven and whoever believes in Him and feeds on His bread will live forever unlike the manna given to the Israelites (John 6:48-49). He is satisfying and nourishing in sustaining one’s spiritual life and strengthening one’s heart. God feeds us a daily supply of bread (Matthew 6:11). May the sweetness of the Manna, Jesus, the bread from heaven humble you and satisfy your every hunger.

How Is Your Heart?

Jeremiah 17:9-10 (NIV) tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? and that the Lord is the one who searches the heart and examines the mind, and that He will reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” I read an article where the author expressed that the heart is the ruling center of one’s life or being. And the decisions that one makes are from within the heart and will become evident by one’s speech, thoughts, and actions which is concurrent with scripture where the hearts of the people of Judah’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being was centered and intertwined in rebellion against God (Jeremiah 1:1, NKJV).

Genesis 6:5 tells us that God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (sounds familiar). Romans 1:21 tells us that although people say they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were they thankful, but they became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Brothers and sisters, we are living in a darkened world where there are many who have hardened their hearts and turned away from God and have made decisions that have hurt those close to them, on their jobs, in our churches, in our nation, and throughout the world. But what they do not know is that in accordance with their hardness and a heart that is shameless or having no regret for their actions they are treasuring (storing) up for themselves wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God (Romans 2:5). We must remember beloveds that the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us (Romans 5:5).

Beloveds we know that we ought to have hearts and minds like Jesus who is our true leader and King. Romans 8:5 tells us to set our minds which includes one’s will, emotions, thoughts, assumptions, purposes, desires, and values on the things of the Spirit not of the flesh. Beloveds we are to live lives that honors God and be set apart spiritually. Looking to the future where one day we will be with God face to face (Revelation 21:3).   


Father we pray that we live our lives in Christ with hearts and minds that will honor and glorify you, walking in love through the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen.