Should I or Should Not

Should I or should I not?

Yesterday, after video taping our service with the leadership team. I went to the local grocery store to pickup a few items. While in the store, elderly woman stops me and asked ” Can you get these things for me?” ” Don’t have enough money.” I told her, “Yes I can.” Then she went and bought some treats for her dog. Then she asked me “Can I get a Coke? So, we walked over to the beverage isle, where she picked up 2 bottles of a cheap brand of coke. While in line to pay for the groceries, she asked me what did I think about the virus. I told her what I thought, then paid for our groceries. Then she asked me “Do you have time to take me to Walgreens my mother (who is 93 ) gave me a card to buy something. I told her yes, while thinking no, because I had to turn my assignments in for school before 12 am. However, I was confident that God would see that I would accomplish what I needed to do. So, on our way to Walgreens, I asked her ” Did she want something to eat.” She said, Yes, if you don’t mind.” No I don’t mind, I am hungry too.” While we were in the car, we were listening to my favorite praise and worship songs. Finally, we stopped at Wendy’s.
I asked her want did she wanted to eat and I bought our food. Then I drove her to Walgreens, she went in and I sat in the car and ate my chicken sandwich. Because I like to eat my food, while it’s hot! She got what she needed, so I started driving her home. While engaging in a social conversation. I asked her did she have a Bible, if so read Psalm 91. Then she told me she had 8 parakeets, did I want one. Further on in the conversation, she asked me did my church have a clothes closet. I told her no, but I have some clothes I can give you. I will bring them to you sometime this week. Finally ending our travel, I helped her with her groceries, and gave her God’s blessings 🙏
Considering our current situation. Should I have or should I have not ?

A blessing from God ❣️