A Prayer

Father, You knew me in my mother’s womb.

You spoke to me at Jacobs well.

You knew all about me.

You gave me eternal life.

Jesus, You sacrificed Your life for me.

Jesus, You said that no one or nothing can snatch me from Your hands.

You leadeth me down the path of righteousness.

Jesus,You said You would be with me until the end of time.

Jesus, You told me to walk in love.

Jesus, You gave me a helper.

Jesus, You taught me how to pray.

I pray for 2017 to be the year You produce and establish a great work in me.

To glorify and honor our Father.

I pray for Your continued divine touch in my life.

I pray for Your Peace, love, and joy in the Spirit.

Holy Spirit,help me, direct me, and comfort me.

Keep me in the Will of God according to His Plan.

This is my New Years prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

May this prayer be for all of God’s beloved Children.

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