Seeing Eyes

Is my eyes open? Open your eyes, my close friends are telling me.

I am in serious reflection and I have a question.

Am I seeing and not revealing? Is it a secret between You and me?

Why is everyone telling me to open my eyes? After all I can see.

Only what Jesus has revealed to me. My eyes are open and I can see.

The world is in a mass destruction. A Babylonian mess.

My eyes can see and my ears can hear the cries of distress and helplessness.

My eyes are open and my heart has been pierced, blood flowing from the Lamb.

So here I stand, a reflection of You, with a mind of Christ and a heart of love.

Surely I can see what is in front of my eyes, is not a surprise. Destruction everywhere.

Hatred, bondage of every type of sin, lying, and denying Your reign. Deja’ vu!

The word that sets in my mind. Only You know if its time. My eyes are open.

My ears can hear, the voice in the wilderness calling out Jesus name.

Kingdom workers keep working in love and peace. Advancing the Kingdom is no game.

Looking beyond the bad and seeing the good and the beauty each person is holding.

God’s kingdom of empathy, compassion, unselfishness, and sacrificial love is unfolding.


Father, help us to see what you want us to see, looking beyond the bad and seeing the good in continuing the work that you have called us to do as kingdom workers and co-workers in Christ in fulfilling His mission. Amen

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