What is That in Your Hand?

After reading Exodus 4:2 where God asked Moses “Whats that in your hand? I chuckled and reflected on my past as a 10 year old. My mother asked me that exact same question “Whats that in your hand? Here is how the story begins. I was hungry one night and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. In those days most parents did not allow you to just open the refrigerator door and help yourself. That was strike one. While walking through the danger zone, (where my mother was) I attempted to hide my secret provision. Trying to hide something was strike two. I must of had that frightened or guilty look like Adam and Eve when God asked them “Where are you?” and the appearance of uncertainty wondering if I was going to get pass her or not. Then it happened, some of the most frightening words of my life! “Whats that in your hand? “Nothing” I replied. But she checked my hands anyway and found nothing, however, she was not convinced. I can’t recall what happened next other than she found a slice of baloney stuffed in my pajama pants at the waist. Whelp that was strike three, your out. Can you guess what happened next? Let’s just say, like God my mom believed in discipline especially for lying. So I got a beaten (as we called it in those days).

The moral of the story is– “You can’t hide nothing from God or your mother. “

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