Children of God

Children of God remain faithful to Abba Father, God.

Through this Babylonian mess.

In Him you have assurance and rest.

In Him you are free, filled with His Spirit.

This is the peace of mind, one cannot forget.

Continue your work for the Lord.

Through His power you will not be bored.

Help others first. For all it is worth.

Speak His words, quench their hunger and thirst.

This is God’s desire even for the worst.

Remain faithful children of God.

He is there fighting for you against the odds.

With Him the battle is already won.

So, hold your heads up high, you’re His adopted daughters and sons.

Do not be concerned and stand firm. Continue your work until Jesus ’return.

Therefore, I say again, children of God remain faithful to Abba Father, God.


2 Thessalonians  

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