His Presence

I was attending a purpose class via zoom. Listening to others speak in sincerity of thought. Coming to a new beginning an expansion of who they are and focusing on being the best. Gaining a new perspective in the light of the future and their purpose. Strengthening their inner being. Taking steps to move forward in God’s kingdom. As I watched each person actions and gratefulness of heart. I heard His soft voice say tell them ” His presence is your presence.” So, I repeated His Words ” His presence is your presence.” Spiritually reflecting on His Words, Abba Father is saying, in one’s purpose, His presence is shown through their presence in character and action in those they serve and care for.

His Presence

Abba Father continue to fill your people with Your Presence. You whispered to me

“His presence is Your presence.” Let it be known that Your presence.

Has set up residence in Your people. I hear the trumpets blowing.

Destruction in the midst across the land, it’s raining and snowing.

People of God delight yourself in the Lord. Lift the name of Jesus.

Walk in His presence, listen to His voice, and fulfill your purpose.

God wants you to know that in all spiritual truth, love, and power.

That in this world His presence is your presence in advancing the Kingdom.

His Presence

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