Sweet Manna

Exodus 16:32-33

Manna the bread that was sweet as honey, the bread God instructed Moses and Aaron to keep as a reminder in a jar, after feeding the grumbling Israelites, for future generations to come. Scripture says the manna was flaky white like coriander seeds and sweet as honey wafers (Exodus 16:14). Bread is a promised food (see Genesis 3:19). Did you know that there are around a 100 varieties of bread worldwide, some even made with enriching dough, for one’s pleasure and nourishment. However, no bread can compare to Jesus, who is the sweet Manna that gives everlasting life. Jesus offers an enriching life of salvation, healing, nourishment, and abundantly more (John 10:10). He is the bread from heaven and whoever believes in Him and feeds on His bread will live forever unlike the manna given to the Israelites (John 6:48-49). He is satisfying and nourishing in sustaining one’s spiritual life and strengthening one’s heart. God feeds us a daily supply of bread (Matthew 6:11). May the sweetness of the Manna, Jesus, the bread from heaven humble you and satisfy your every hunger.

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