Lost in a Dream

On 10/15/2021, I dreamed I lost my direction in my hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’ve had that dream in the past. I am not going to describe the whole dream. In the dream, I met various groups of people who either hindered me or helped me along the way. When passing by a row of houses, a woman opened her screen door and asked me “are you coming in” I said yes and went in, there were two young children and the woman’s mother in the brightly lighted house. The young woman commenced to show me around the house, directing me to look out a screened window where there were three dogs, two black and one white with a brown spot. After looking at the dogs, I went and sat on a couch across from her mother. One of the children began to talk about a dove and I told her that I had a dove on a staff (like Moses) at home. Then I looked up at the ceiling and a flock of birds were flying which I thought were doves. I started yelling, happily, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and turned to the mother who was looking at me as if I were crazy. I said something to her and left the house. However that was not the end of the dream. I was in a car with a man, I did not see his face, I thought he was my deceased husband, I was not paying attention and he crashed into a mountain. We got out of the car unharmed and went into the house. I saw someone leaving the house and looked out the window. The dream ended with a woman and someone else telling me “We will see you again.” After I woke- up, I read Isaiah 35:8.

Isaiah 35:8  “And a highway will be there; it will be called, the Way of Holiness;
 it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it;
 wicked fools will not go about on it.”

Commentary: “This way, being made by divine power, is appointed by divine authority to be the King’s highway for all. Whoever travels by this road is under the protection of the King of kings. Be sure it leads to the right end and runs in the best direction, for the Lord never made an error and never failed in what he attempted. This is no roundabout way, or broken route, or blind alley. Let your faith abide in it, and it will receive its reward. To quit this road for another is to despise the wisdom and grace of God in Christ Jesus, and to prefer the idle inventions of man; this cannot lead to any good, either in this life or the next (CSB).”

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