Leader or King

This story begins in chapter 12 of Samuel, Samuel is presenting Israel with a king that they requested, and God granted, Samuel was leading them without a title that a leader may receive such as king. The people were very adamant, they wanted a king, although Samuel did not mistreat or wronged anyone and did not accept bribes. In which the people agreed but yet they wanted a king even though God was a witness and performed many righteous acts for them and their ancestors, such as when He sent Moses and Aaron to bring the people out of Egypt. The people still wanted a king. One could say some people are like their biblical ancestors, all that God has done for them such as giving them King Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In addition to feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for them, the people are wanting and choosing leaders who do not measure up to Jesus, the perfect king and leader. A leader who serves the people. Jesus made it clear about service in John 13:4-5, picture this, He laid aside His outer garments, took a towel, and tied it around his waist,then He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and finally, wiping them with the towel that He had wrapped around him. This is what the followers of Jesus ought to do in addition to becoming leaders like Jesus.

Moral of Story: Why ask for a king when you already have the perfect Leader and King

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