the Red Rose

The blood trickling down His face

 Him nailed on the cross for the human race

His head hanging as he whispers it is finished

Such passionate, redeeming, justifying, and regenerating love

 The sinner saved, three days later He walked out of His grave

 His appearance too many, they were amazed

What amazing grace, what unselfish love written all over his face

 He speaks among the multitudes

Gazes upon them with overwhelming compassion

He has healing in His heart, He touches them

Oh how compelling to the hearts of those failing

 Locked in bondage of a life of sin or oppression 

Amazing love, amazing grace written all over His face

Reconciling mankind to their rightful place

In the arms of the Father  

What amazing love, amazing grace written all over His face

His peace and His sweet-scent seeping through His pores

Bringing the faithful closer, to learn more and more

Mankind’s red rose, each petal dripping with His blood

Filled with His amazing grace and His amazing love

He is the Rose that will never wither and die

The rose that is rich in life giving blood

The blood that makes one white as snow

The Red Rose

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