A Whisper

As I sat in my car eating, I heard God whisper, “a homeless person will be coming to you.”  When He said this, I kept looking out the windows of my car. While I was eating my chicken sandwich, I saw two women walking behind my car with a baby buggy. As I was putting nuts on top of my kale salad, I heard someone talking. I looked out the window of my driver’s side and there stood a woman with her mask on, she was trying not to get to close to the car to talk. However, I am hard of hearing, so I told her to come closer. She said she was homeless and showed me where she was sleeping. She said she wanted to get something to eat across the street. I looked in my car where I kept spare change and it was not enough to give to someone. And I had none in my purse. So I told her to go to the restaurant and I will come and pay for her food. Once there I decided to stay and asked her if I can sit with her. She said yes. So I got s cup of coffee and sat with her.

  We sat and talked for a good 30 minutes, sharing some things we had in common, we both had a family member with Down’s syndrome, and we spoke about God and how He provides.  And I told her some funny things that happened to me the past week, we laughed together. We talked with one another like we were close friends. The Spirit said to treat her like she was doing me a kind gesture by allowing me to sit with her while she ate and not as I was doing her a kindness. So I thanked her for allowing me to spend time with her because I needed someone to talk too.  

As we continued to talk, I noticed that I could hear her every word which surprised me, because I am usually asking people to repeat themselves or telling them that I did not hear them. Therefore I shared that thought with her. Before we departed, I asked her could I pray for her, and she said yes. We went out to my car, I took her hands and prayed for her. After I prayed for her, we hugged, and I spoke her name. I know that some of you are saying, I shouldn’t have touched her, but I am a person who likes to touch. When I got into my car, I thanked the Father for this time spent with the homeless woman. It brought much joy to my heart and hopefully joy and hope to hers.

Moral of the Story: God can orchestrate or ordain an event that will demonstrate His love and glorify Him.

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