A Walk in the Garden

As a teenager (now 71) this was one of my favorite songs. I remembered it on the first or second day of our tour in Israel as I walked through a garden.

I Come To The Garden Alone

 I Come To The Garden Alone

While The Dew Is Still On The Roses,

And The Voice I Hear Falling On My Ear

The Son Of God Discloses.

And He Walks With Me, And He Talks With Me,

And He Tells Me I Am His Own;

And The Joy We Share As We Tarry There,

None Other Has Ever Known.

He Speaks, And The Sound Of His Voice

Is So Sweet The Birds Hush Their Singing,

And The Melody That He Gave To Me

Within My Heart Is Ringing

The song was written by C. Austin Miles (1868-1946) a Pennsylvanian who was an educated pharmacist turned gospel song publisher and writer who one morning reflected on Christ’s resurrection after reading John 20:1-18. Mr. Miles had a vision on March of 1912, he said he drew his Bible towards him and it opened to his favorite chapter of John 20:1-18,  he goes on to say that the meeting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene had lost none of its power to charm as he read it that day, he seemed to be part of the scene and became a silent witness to that dramatic moment in Mary’s life when she knelt before her Lord and cried, Rabboni!

The article explains that Mr. Miles goes on to say that his hands were resting in the Bible while he stared at his light blue wall. And as the light faded, he seemed to be standing at the entrance of a garden looking down a gently winding path shaded by olive branches. Mr. Miles the author of the song, describes the arrival of Mary, Peter, and John as they gathered at the tomb followed by the appearance of Jesus. This article written about Mr. Miles goes on to say that he awakened in full light gripping the Bible with tense muscles and nerves vibrating under the inspiration of the vision where he began to write quickly the words which formed into a poem.

According to this article Mr. Miles wrote his narrative after reading John 20:1-18, the article explained that he seemed to be a part of the scene. And that he felt he was walking with the risen Christ in the garden. when I sing this song I also feel as I am walking with Jesus.

For further reading you can find this article by the title ‘ History of Hymns: I Come to the Garden Alone’-Discipleship

Photo by Suneo1999 on Pexels.com

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