My Thoughts, The LORD Says

After reading the introduction to Amos and Spurgeon’s thoughts on Amos, my thoughts were that in the Old Testament it was the LORD says, in the New Testament it is Jesus said. God instructed his people to listen to His Son (Mark 9:7). Like Father like Son as the saying goes. Jesus said, “The Son can do nothing by Himself he can do only what he sees the Father doing.  And He speaks the things that the Father has taught Him. As sons and daughters we are to do what Jesus did through the power of the Holy Spirit for the Father instructed His people to listen, and to follow Jesus, in doing what is pleasing to Him. Jesus as God’s Son is faithful over God’s house and His people is His house (Hebrews 3:6).

However, like expressed in Amos some of the Lord’s people have gotten out of the way of fellowship and communion with the Father. He wanted the people to come nearer to Him. The people of God are to walk in communion with Him recognizing that they are a diverse group of people (Spurgeon, CSB). A group of people walking together in a union of concern, enjoyment, and love for each other. One might imply that this generation of people have gone astray from their pure and sincere devotion to Christ, as it is written in Revelation 2:4 some have forsaken the love they had. This ought not to be now for Christ is living in His believers. Therefore, they as the people of God can remain hopeful and confident to the end by the revealing of their faith as real, that keeps them from being blown away (going astray) by the winds of persecution, temptation, or false teaching. The teachings of Jesus and His example of leadership is what we are to follow as explained in the first paragraph. God is saying listen to my Son, He does what I taught Him, and what He has seen me do.

The book of Amos is telling God’s people to be prepared to meet your God, and repent be reconciled (5:14-15), it was the final call to repentance where the people were to seek good and not evil so that they may live and hate evil and love good, putting justice firmly in place in the gate… The commentary in my kindle NIV Bible explains verse 15 as not just being an encouragement to be good, but it is a command for reforming the legal and social system in getting rid of corruption, false accusations, and bribery. My thought is how can this reform happen? The LORD says, by listening to my Son, He does what I taught Him, and what He has seen Me do.

One thought on “My Thoughts, The LORD Says

  1. Thank you so much Mama for the word instructions.Sire we need to live a of our Lord Jesus Christ because he is our example ,like father like son , now a days christians do not reflect life of Jesus may God help us in Jesus name

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