Shining Lights, Flames of Fire

Be children of the light, shining lights of the world

Be shining lights, flames of fire

Flaming torches passed on from the beholder Jesus

Pass the flaming torch of His shining light

The light that shines through the darkness

The darkness of this complex and chaotic world

Keep passing the flame on from generation to generation  

From nation to nation, uniting as one

Shining lights of love, mercy, and grace

So the world can see His face

Be the light not hidden under a basket

But placed on a stand

Be searing fires of flaming lights

Branded by the Cross of His sacrificial love

Born of the Spirit, water, and blood

Sharing His Spirit, mind, heart and hands

spreading wildly across the lands

Be burning flames spreading through the forest

The forest of discord and despair

 Reaching out crying Jesus saves

He loves you, and He cares

 Jesus is who the Father sent

 If you are a sinner, all you have to do is repent

 And you too can be a source of His flaming light

 Flames of fire, children of the light

Not children lost in darkness and in peril

But burning flames of lights doing want is right

Lights that shine like flaming fire, overcoming the world

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