Eat My Words

Ezekiel Chapters 1-3  

The story of Ezekiel starts out with his vision, for your understanding you must read Ezekiel chapter1 and ride on the wings of your spiritual  imagination. Moving right along, Ezekiel at the end of the vision saw the brightness of the glory of God, fell on his face, that’s when he heard God’s voice, even though he was an exile by the canal of  Chebar. Which goes to show you that God can speak to someone and they can hear His voice wherever they are and in whatever circumstance or situation. God spoke and addressed Ezekiel by calling him Son of Man and instructed him to stand up on his feet while He spoke to him. Like a son who acknowledges and respects his earthly father, Ezekiel stood on his feet and listened as our heavenly Father, God spoke to him. And this is what God said “ Ezekiel Son of Man eat whatever you find here. Eat this scroll and go speak to the House of Israel.”  So Ezekiel opened his mouth in obedience and consumed the scroll, God’s words, and found the scroll as sweet as honey and not bitter. Then God instructed him to go to the House of Israel and speak with His words to them. Just like Jesus telling His disciples go and teach the people to obey and do all that He has taught them (Matthew 28:20). God explained that He was not sending him to a people of hard language and foreign speech but to the House of Israel. God further explains to Ezekiel that Israel will not be willing to listen to Ezekiel for they are not willing to listen to Him because they have a stubborn heart and a hard forehead. I wonder if that is where some parents got the saying, “Don’t be a hardhead.” Well anyway,

 In the midst of things God made Ezekiel a watchman for the House of Israel. And God told him whatever you hear a word from my mouth you shall give them warning from me. So God gave him several statements of what he was to say to the wicked and to the righteous person who had turned from there righteousness and committed injustice, in addition to explaining to him the consequences of what would happen if he did not warn the people. At the end of chapter three, God told Ezekiel when He speaks with him, He would open Ezekiel’s mouth and he shall say to the House of Israel “ thus says the Lord God” not that one should be going around saying thus says the Lord God.” But Ezekiel was instructed to say it and to say to them “He who will hear let him hear, and he who will refuse, to let him refuse,” for they are a rebellious house. Reminds one of  the seven churches in Revelation who are to heed and hear what the Spirit says to the churches. “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches” ( Revelation 2:29; 3:22). Wow! From Ezekiel to Revelation what can I say.

Moral of Story: One may have a vision or dream, and God may speak to them, they may have to eat His words and tell His people what He wants them to know even if they do not want to hear or refuse to listen.

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