Watch and Stay Awake

Matthew 24:42— 25:1-13

Watch and stay awake, meaning be prepared, for you do not know when Jesus is coming; believers must continue the work of the Great Commission. They must be like the homeowner who stays awake in preparation to catch a thief and the faithful servants who are good and found working when their master returns home, unlike the servant who is wicked and beats his fellow servants, in addition to eating and drinking with drunkards. That wicked servant will receive his or her just judgment for being a hypocrite and cut up into pieces or vice versa; either way, there will be a gnashing of teeth.

Watch and stay awake keep your lamps burning like the five wise virgins by keeping an extra flask of oil to keep your lamps burning for the bridegroom so that you can go with Him to the wedding feast. Be not like the foolish virgins who did not keep extra oil with them and missed the bridegroom and the open door to the wedding feast. Like them, one will not be able to plead by asking, “Lord Lord, open for me,” understand and know this, there will not be a secret password. The bridegroom will say, in an authoritative, powerful way, “I know you not.” Therefore, one must watch. Watch and stay awake, meaning be prepared, to accompany Him, for you do not know the day or hour of Jesus’ return only the Father does.

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