Questioning God?

 Habakkuk was a prophet of God, and he was different than the others. He was freely open to questioning God which did not bother God at all and God answered Him without hesitation. Habakkuk’s questions were: Why does evil in Judah go unpunished and how can God use a wicked nation like Babylon to punish His chosen people? Some believers are like Habakkuk and they want to know what is God’s reasoning for what He is doing and why, perhaps for the same reasons as Habakkuk.

 Habakkuk was concerned that there was too much evil among the righteous and too much free willing power among the wicked. Habakkuk was crying out against injustice, violence, and lawlessness that he was seeing around him. Like his nation, there are nations that are given in to immorality, idolatry, power, and greed today, and some people treat others in ways that are inhumane. However, Habakkuk was aware of God’s sovereignty. So he went to God for answers.

In answering Habakkuk the Lord said, He himself will establish His kingdom. He will hold people and nations accountable. The present may be filled with chaos and wickedness, but the future belongs to the righteous the truly righteous. God will bring his people into His kingdom, give them salvation and rest and judge the adversaries of His people.

   God’s rest is the sharing of His joy, the enjoyment of being established in His presence, the same joy He had when He rested on the 7th day (ESV Study Bible, Hebrews 4:8-10). In God’s rest there is peace and order. God said that people who go astray in their heart and have not known His ways shall not enter His rest (Psalm 95:10 -11). Questioning God? God has answers.

Love from the Father

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