The Path

As I walk down the pathway of life.
I can hear His voice.
So soft spoken amidst the clouds.

He speaks to me with words
Of eminent dependence.
I know I am endowed.

The trees shield and embrace me.
In His arms.
The sun beaming upon my head,
Guides me and keeps me warm.

I will not lose my direction,
As long as I have His affection.
And yes, I have heard His voice;
And yes, I finally made the choice.

Soon there will be others like me.
Walking this path one day.
Coming together with one single goal.

To follow Jesus and what He is giving.
So this life will be truly worth living.

ā€œ You will show me the Path of Life; in Your presence is fullness and joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forever more. ā€œ Psalm 16:11

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