Nurse/ Servant Prayer

In 1997, I composed this poem, it was published with the spiritual reflections, of other staff and volunteers, to meet the spiritual needs expressed by clients and families.

Nurse / Servant Prayer:

I pray that I can follow through with His plan of care and His orders. His orders are standard and written legibly for me to understand. I pray if I am unable to carry through His orders and should I make a mistake, He with His grace, will rectify and understand the situation/ or circumstance, continuing the healing process that His children deserve, enabling me to proceed and fulfill each client’s ( the world is our client) needs. Let me be the “Lady with the Lamp,” not only in the sense of the meaning given to Florence Nightingale, but in the meaning of His teachings in saving souls, bringing the unknowing out of the darkness into the light. Let me tend to your flock, for you have placed me in this position as nurse; providing me with the provisions and tools to continue my quest in this wide universal space where there are many in need. Father, sometimes I do not know where to start, but I can give what you have provided me with, to whom you desire.
Do not spare me from the tears I shed and the remorse I feel when I have visions of my brother, Jesus, streaming with the blood He bled. Do not spare me with the sweltering feeling of compassion when I know I must do what You proclaim in Jesus name. Always stay with me, comfort me, and bring me back every time I feel that I am not deserving of all You have given me. Keep me humble, Father. Touch all my clients and families with your loving grace and blessings be to them who realize You are the Controller and Healer of our lives. I love You and all You represent. This is my prayer in Jesus name. Amen.
Your Nurse/ Servant.

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