He Knows Your name

 God is calling His loved ones by name

Watching their every move

Remember He created you

He is listening to every word someone speak

 Therefore, try not say or do anything

 That is contrary to His Word

Unless you want to feel the tip of Jesus’ sword

Y’all just wait He is not playing around

Wait until that trumpet sounds

Y’all can play the good, the bad, and ugly

But one day some of you gonna want to be

 Next to His Son, all lovey, dovey, and snugly

Best repent and do it now before the trumpet sound, cause

God is bringing His sons and daughters from all around

From the ends of the earth who bears His name

He knows who they are because He formed them

They were created for His glory

Be thankful He knows you by name

Reading: Isaiah 43:6-7

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

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