Man of Many Visions

In the book of Zechariah,  Zechariah had eight visions that he was curious about and desired to understand the meaning of them. So like a little child, who is full of questions he asked the angel to interpret the visions. I will not at this time discuss all his visions, you can read them yourself they are quite interesting. I was particularly interested in the vision of the flying scroll and the vision of a woman in the basket because I ran across a lost page tucked in my bible from one of my journals. The date was 12/26/2018, and it read “Land of Shinar Zechariah 5, basket- flying scroll-visions of Zechariah,” I wrote page numbers and what bible I read it from, because I knew I would forget. The journal note read “woman in the basket represent wickedness being removed from the land and a house is made for it.” Jesus second coming will see the final judgment and removal of wickedness in the world (2 Thessalonians 1:6-10). As I read further two women with the wind in their wings lifted up the basket between heaven and earth (Zechariah 5:3-11; Revelation 5:9;6:12-17).  So, I went to the pages listed and read the Flying Scroll and the Woman in the Basket.

In the story of the flying scroll, one must understand that scrolls represent the written word of God (Psalm 40: 7; Jeremiah 36; Ezekiel 2 — 3), this particular scroll was the law of Moses (NIV Bible). The scroll that Zechariah envisioned is described as a large banner and was clear for everyone to see. And the angel interpreted the vision saying that the scroll represented the curse that is going out the whole land. And on one side of the banner read “every thief will be banished and on the other side everyone who swears falsely will be banished,” which God declared. One commentary reads that God has sent the scroll to put things right and ensure that the guilty will not be acquitted, an action consistent with His character  (Exodus 20: 7; 34: 7). Furthermore, in contrast to God’s house, the temple, that will be built (Zechariah 1: 16; 3: 7; 4: 9), the curse of the scroll will enter and destroy the houses of the guilty. The vision is related to Jesus holding in His hand the scroll in Revelation for He is the one who will judge His enemies (Revelation 5: 9; 6:12– 17).

In the story of the woman in the basket the angel told Zechariah to come forward and to lift his eyes and see what was going out. Zechariah who must have been in awe responded with the question “What is it?” In which the angel said, “This is the basket that is going out.” And “This is their iniquity in all the land.” And the angel lifted a leaden cover where there sat a woman in the basket. Now that is enough to make anyone ask “what in the world is that? The angel explained to Zechariah that she was wickedness. Then the angel quickly pushed the woman back in the basket covering her with the leaden weight. That’s when Zechariah lifted his eyes and saw the two women coming forward with the wind in their wings. The wings were described as wings of a stork. The two women carried the basket between heaven and earth. Then in in Zechariah’s inquisitiveness he asked the angel “Where are they taking the basket?” The angel said to him, “to the land of Shinar, to build a house for it and after it is prepared they will set the basket down there on its base.”  


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